La Canopée is the hallmark of the company named Third Floor which offers musicians the ideal environment for creating and recording audio (instrumental music and voices). La Canopée is the French translation of the canopy, which is a word taken from everyday language, and represents the upper space of the forest where the richest exchange of the biosphere take place: the flora and fauna found there a place of quiet away from predation exerted on the ground and where they can indulge in what they hold most dear and precious.


The service offered is the renting of a luxury home including unlimited access to an audio recording studio, designed especially for the well-being and serenity of the artist: 15min from Paris, France, away from the nuisance and bustle of the city, a haven Peace designed for experienced players wishing to record in the middle of professionals at the service of their creativity. The house is located in a private park of 3 hectares and has a bar, an upscale restaurant and spaces for rest, sleep or relax. Musicians become guests of the house and are invited to elevate themselves to the canopy of their creation, taken in charge by our team including room service, a famous Chief, 5 senior sound engineer which will assist the musicians during recording and post-production, and 3 assistant to take care about almost everything.


When the home is available for renting, we organize every Friday evening an exceptional musical event: a jam session called “Jambecue” where a dozen musicians playing 12 hours non stop, and a private concert named “Concerts Privés” in which a band plays its directory to its closest fans. The house is equipped with a full sound that can transmit live from the studio in every room. We would like the logo can be declined with the names “Jambecue” and “Concerts Privés” to announce those two specific events. We believe that the quality of the material made available to the artist, the experience of our engineers who can advise or work directly with the artist, the unique setting in which recording occurs and all services offered will offer artists a unique recording experience. The target audience is a music band or a music production company.

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